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Fr Iannuzzi Commences the Translation of the 36 Volumes of the Book of Heaven

Dear Friends,


I am writing to share with you some very good news. After many years and a so many requests from the faithful worldwide, Fr. Iannuzzi, a theologian accredited by the Church, who successfully published a doctoral thesis from Rome on all of Luisa’s writings, has begun the immense work of translating Luisa’s 36 volumes!!!


This translation will have theological annotations and editorial comments containing cross references to Luisa's writings, to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and Magisterial teachings. Fr. is doing this to help all of us all faithfully understand and interpret many of Luisa's expressions and sublime doctrines.


Some of you already know that Fr. Joseph was given copies of the original Italian manuscripts for his doctoral thesis, which is testified to by two documents cited in his approved doctoral thesis.


Please keep Fr. Iannuzzi in your daily prayers.

Message from Fr Iannuzzi's Team


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