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Volunteer and Additional  Resources Area
Restricted area for designated members only

UpComing Events for Facilitators and Area Coordinators

Facilitators & Area Coordinators can view & register for upcoming DWF events here.

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Resources for Facilitators & Area Co-ordinators

Resources for Book of Heaven Facilitators and Area Co-ordinators are available here.

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National Coordinators

National Coordinators may access this area for managing the national network of local cenacles.

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Local Cenacle Registration

Irish based Local Cenacles are welcome to register their details with DWF.

Please share details about your local group so that we can connect interested members with you.

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Hours of the Passion Administration

Restricted to the Coordinator of the Hours of the Passion Clocks

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Priests & Religious

For members who are involved in special ministry for priests and religious.

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Website Procedures

This area is for volunteers who are looking for guidance in operating the website.

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