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Luisa Piccarreta 77th. Anniversary 4 March 1947

The Spiritual Testament and Great Comforting Promise of Luisa

An Hour Before She Died

( Reflection Given by Fr. Benedetto Calvi, Luisa’s Last Spiritual Director)

“Now I am happier as I die, because the Divine Will has comforted me more than it usually does with your presence during these last moments of my life. I see a long, beautiful and open road now, illuminated with an infinite number of shining suns.

Oh, yes, I know them; they are the suns of my acts in the Divine Will, It is the road that I have to take now; It is the road prepared for me by the Divine Will. It is the road of my glory, that will take me to the immense happiness of the Divine Will.

It is my road, it is the road that I will keep for you, my dearest Father. It is the road that I will keep for all those souls that want to live in the Divine Will.”


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