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Divine Will Family announces its Charity Status

Dear friends and members of Divine Will Family (“DWF”) 


Thank you for your participation and support in DWF throughout 2023 and may the Almighty Lord grant you a divine deepening of your relationship, a strong divine passion in your heart and a divine abundance of blessings in 2024 as you continue your work for the Lord in His Divine Will.


The Lord has now blessed our DWF with charity status, which gives us recognition and acceptance as a professional Spiritual organisation.


DWF supports our members in accepting the Gift of Divine Will and growing in It.  We encourage our members to respond to the calling, to deepen their knowledge, and to more fully live in the Divine Will internally and externally in our acts thereby bringing God’s Divine Will spirituality to all souls past, present and future.


We, DWF, invite all souls to embrace the spirituality of the Divine Will as taught by Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta in accordance with the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.  Within the informal context of Christ-centred fraternal community, we practice contemplative prayer, love, unity and fellowship as we strive to surrender to God's Divine Will in everything.


We sense the Lord is awakening us in 2024 to a higher level of living in the Divine Will in bringing about God’s Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven.


We pray our Spiritual Director, Frances Hogan’s spiritually prophetic, inspiring and challenging Christmas message be fulfilled in our lives and organisation in 2024 and beyond… kindly reflect and consider the meaning of Frances’ message for you and how you can live and share your calling in Divine Will in 2024 and beyond.

Here is Frances’ message:


  • “The wonderful Feast of Christmas reminds us all to enter deeply into the mystery of Divine Love and Divine Will being born among us for the salvation of all humanity.  

  • Our Blessed Mother shows us what purity, love and commitment to the Divine Will is required on our part to allow Him to be reborn inside of us.  

  • I pray that each one in the DWF world-wide will open up to allow the Divine Will/Love, not just to be reborn, but to grow to fullness in us,  

  • so that Jesus' Reign on Earth becomes established,  

  • and the New Era of Divine Holiness becomes a reality in this time of great need among Nations.

  • I pray that you will have the most blessed of Christmases’, one that Jesus, Mary and Joseph will remember with joy!”  – Frances.

May we live in unity, peace, love and joy as a Divine Will Family for 2024 and beyond, and may all souls come to know, love and possess God’s Divine Spirit always.


Amen and Fiat







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