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Divine Will Family

An International Catholic Mission 


We, Divine Will Family, invite you to embrace the spirituality of Divine Will as taught by Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta in accordance with the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.  Within the informal context of Christ-centred fraternal community, we practise contemplative prayer, love, unity and fellowship and surrender to God's Divine Will in everything.

Divine Will Family supports you in accepting the Gift and growing in It.  We help our members to deepen their knowledge of Divine Will and to fully live in It.


Luisa Piccarreta has written 36 volumes entitled The Book of Heaven.  This title was given by Jesus Himself.  He also gave the subtitle "The recall of the Creature to the Order, to the Place and to the Purpose for which He was created by God".

Book of Heaven Volume 19, August 27 1926

4 Pages

We invite you to to join Divine Will Family and learn more about this Sanctity of Sanctities.
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Book of Heaven Membership


Study Groups


Studying the teachings and revelations of Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta in the 36 Volumes of The Book of Heaven in a structured format and hosted on zoom or in person groups by DWF Facilitators

Local Cenacles Membership


Prayer Teams


Living and praying in Divine Will by new and existing members sharing the Way and Love of God with people in every parish throughout the country and coordinated by Local Cenacle Coordinators

Hours of the Passion


Join a Clock


Praying the 24 Hours of The Passion of Jesus by joining a world-wide DWF Clock with members praying each hour as part of a coordinated group

Intercession for Church

Prayer &

Mystical Motherhood for priests


Join us in praying daily for all our priests and religious or subscribe to  a weekly 1-hour of prayer for priests worldwide &/or become a mystical mother for priests by adopting a priestly son

Jesus to Lusia

“…in My all-seeingness, I see that these writings will be for My Church like a new sun which will rise in Her midst; and drawn by its blazing light, creatures will apply themselves in order to be transformed into this light and become spiritualized and divinized, in such a way that, as the Church will be renewed, they will transform the face of the earth.”

Book of Heaven Volume 16, February 10th 1924

Join the growing community of Divine Will Family members as we journey deeper into the Kingdom of God, here on Earth. 

Once you register your expression in your particular area of interest, our team will contact you with further information.

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